Serge Pharand – Classic Wings General Manager


Classic Wings SergeThe Only one who can run at the same “speed” as Bob.  Keeping things in somewhat of an organized manner at Classic wings.  Serge, spends a lot of time in all the airplanes for one reason or another, and tries to keep the pilots and logistics under control. (Which is not an easy task at the best of times…)  He is also working towards obtaining the first Private Pilot’s license POST heart transplant in Canada, after receiving a new heart In Nov 2008 following 4 cardiac arrests from having heart failure caused by the Flu.  Serge is a key part of getting things done at the Hangar and is also responsible for all the artwork, images, aircraft markings, hangar Banners and “colors” at Classic Wings… “As long as Bob cleans the floor were all good” 🙂




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