Chris Kirk- Classic Wings Pilot

Chris Kirk Classic Wings PilotChris Kirk is one of our, shall we say, “imported pilots” and a true member of the Classic Wings family. Born in Oakville, Ontario  he went the States when he was young and became an elite USAF Pararescuman (Air Force’s version of a Navy SEAL) serving for 22 years on NASA’s Space Shuttle Astronaut Recovery Team. Chris also was a Firefighter Paramedic for 27 years with the Miami Beach fire department. He’s retired from all that now but says he’s the busiest retired guy he knows. Chris has 6 flight instructor ratings, over 11,000 flight hrs of flight experience and puts it all to good use flying nearly everything in Bobby’s hanger to include being Bob’s personal helicopter instructor. Even though he comes from the dark side (USA) we are still happy to have him as part of the Classic Wings flock!!!

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